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Our Story 

We are Earth Element, a team of artisan builders as well as a material supplier. With a focus on innovative and sustainable materials of organic properties, Earth Element aims to help designers and users to connect with the earth and the rhythms of nature—through materials that are both functional and soulful, creating spaces both beautiful and with conscience.


The material is a combination of organic minerals with a special blend of water-based pure acrylic polymers. It gives an authentic finishing touch of natural stone. It is known as a “chameleon material” due to its ability to exhibit a broad range of textures and colours and is used to create a wide variety of three-dimensional works, including construction decorative features, furniture pieces, and accessories.

As artisan builders, we truly understand designers’ pursuit of perfection to unite all segments of an interior space into one cohesive artistic expression.


Using innovative materials, combining with our adaptive structure solutions and craftsmanship, we offer something rare and unique to the design industry: at an affordable cost, we are able to shape the negative space of an interior space into fluid, dynamic forms that radiate movement and fluidity, much like moulding clay into a sculpture.

In the following case study of our latest project, The Cave, built for our craft extension, Soul Element, we establish the feasibility of manifesting a dream concept of spatial experience into physical reality, while retaining total freedom and integrity of artistry, unlocking new possibilities.

Shapes. Forms. Versatility. Possibilities. These are the few keywords that describe the features and benefits of water-based resin. The main goal of the project is to demonstrate these key qualities through various aspects of the space.


Soul Element is located inside an industrial building (Wah Lok Industrial Centre) in Fo Tan, Hong Kong. The project was completed on the 28th of May, 2023.





The organic aspect of an interior and the material used, the “earth element”, is what makes
 the space not only emotionally warming to our senses, but spiritually familiar to our soul 

    We Are Earth Element   



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Design Concept

The Cave

Soul Element is our craft extension, introducing water-based resin, a mineral-based water resin material to the general consumer by allowing individuals to join exclusive workshops to craft their own products. This project is about creating a special place for consumers to interact with, while also being surrounded by the material for a complete immersive experience.

The design concept takes inspiration from the organic nature of the ancient landscape, building a strong connection to nature and the Earth.


The Cave, a primordial architecture conceived by mother nature since the dawn of time, gave birth to humanities, arts, and society as we know it. To draw upon this ancient phenomenon, the cavern studio establishes its place as the genesis of Earth Element’s creativity and development.


The design relays both a visual and metaphysical connection to the earth through the choice of subdued palette inspired by nature. The untouched ruggedness of the primitive landscape - from undulating forms to tactile porous surfaces - is incorporated into the design to emulate a cocoon environment, speaking to the inhabitant’s primal need for protection, safety, and seclusion.

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Executing fluid forms with such a wide range of curves presented a significant challenge, which we addressed by analysing different ways of carrying out the design into physical space. We developed various systems of structures and utilised different combination of materials, ultimately achieving a subtle layering effect of undulating curves that blend surrounding walls and ceilings into one. The authentic stone finish of the water-based resin enhances the sensory experience, transporting inhabitants to a realm where they feel the touch of nature in every corner.

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The Material is an Eco Friendly Water-based Resin


The aesthetic result is not the only thing that matters. The byproducts of creation are also quite relevant in our current age where environmental considerations hold great importance.

To grasp whether or not water-based resin is sustainable, first we considered its composition. Water-based resin is a composite material made from gypsum and then mixed with acrylics.

Gypsum is a natural mineral. There is no other sulfate mineral found in more abundance on the planet. This adds to the overall sustainability of the end product. Apart from the question of access, when it comes to methodology, gypsum is relatively easy to obtain through surface mining, and is often sourced near manufacturing facilities. This means that there is minimal need to invest in transportation. This limits costs and environmental output.


Gypsum is often praised for its green building standards, with most of their plants adopting co-generated electrical power to minimize energy consumption, and processes that use recycled water. This means that virtually no water is wasted during the entire manufacturing process.


If the base components are sourced and processed in a sustainable manner, then water-based resin, being the end product is considered to have a more sustainable impact on the world at large.


In contrast to traditional oil-based resin, water-based resin is processed more safely. In manufacturing and processing oil, it is dangerous when volatile organic compounds are released as a gas into the environment.


Water-based resin does not have any such side effects. In fact, when you look back at the historical context behind the development of water-based resin in the UK, the environment was of particular concern. Water-based resin was recommended as an alternative to epoxy-resin fibreglass in many contexts. Given the environmental complexity of epoxy-resin fibreglass, water-based resin was adopted in order to better adhere to new environmental standards in the 1970s and 1980s.

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& Accessoires

Our bespoke furnitures, also created by our builders team, are inspired by the latest developments of neotenic design, with a touch of primitivism. Neotenic design uses exaggerated forms to produce a soft and round appearance, that elicits youthful emotions, namely curiosity, playfulness, creativity and adaptability.

To compliment the space, we produced voluminous, organic shaped furnitures of curved lines, consistent with the brand’s philosophy’s emphasis on our human psyche’s desire for a soft, cosy environment.


The featured wash basin is also moulded with the water-based resin, to further exhibit the versatility of the material.

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